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Born 1967 in the Czech Republic and graduated at University of Economics in Prague, Sara Saudkova is now living in Prague.

Saudkova was famous photographer Jan Saudek's 'right hand'. She worked as the host of a TV program and wrote before becoming the partner, model and manager of Jan Saudek.

As the Assistant of Jan Saudek he introduced her to Mystery of Phot
ography: "Master Jan taught me the Craft of Photography, for there no better School exists..." (

Sara began taking her own pictures in Jan's studio in the late 1990s, and has shown a distinctive style while still working in similar territory to her teacher. There is a femininity and a remarkable tenderness in her work, which shows a very versatile approach, working in black and white with a Meopta Flexaret TLR or Praktisix SLR medium format camera.

She is dedicating her Work exclusive for "free Creation" (not made-to-order): staged (stylised) Photographs are documenting her privacy Life - Love, Relationships, Desire, Loneliness, Expectations, ...



Vltavotýnské výtvarné dvorky, Týn nad Vltavou (CZ)
Velvet Kelly Gallery, Žilina (SK)
Museum Rýmařov (CZ)
Citygallery Frenštát p. R. (CZ)
Kotva, Praha (CZ)


Galerie Velvet, Bojnice (SK)
Museum Vysočiny, Jihlava (CZ)
Malovaný dům, Třebíč (CZ)
Panský dům, Kynšperk nad Ohří (CZ)
Palais de Tokyo, Paris (F)
Kotva, Praha (CZ)


Castle Gallery, Kladno (CZ)
Palaice Hybernia, Praha (CZ)
Gallery Špalíček, Brno (CZ)

Castle of Josef Barton-Dobenin, Nove Město nad Metuji (CZ)
Museum of Vysočina, Jihlava (CZ)
City Museum, Pilsen (CZ)
Staroměstská radnice (Old Town Hall), Prague (CZ)


Stará galerie - Svaz polských fotografů, Varšava, Polsko
Mezinárodní fotobienále, Brescia, Itálie
IN FOCUS, Köln, Německo
Fotomuseum, Leipzig, Německo
Výstavní síň Viléma Wünscheho, Havířov
Dům fotografie, Český Krumlov


Gallery A3, Moscow (RU)
Výtvarné centrum Chagall, Karviná (CZ)


Manes Art Prague, Praha (CZ)
Výtvarné centrum CHAGALL Ostrava (CZ)
Výstavní síň FOMA BOHEMIA, Hradec Králové (CZ)


Chateau galery Chagall, Karviná (CZ)
Prague House of Photography, Prague (CZ)


Gallery Mona Lisa, Olomouc (CZ)
Východoslovenská galéria, Košice (SK)
Gallery Pyramida, Prague (CZ)


Photographic Galery G 4, Cheb (CZ)
Gallery Michalský dvor, Bratislava (SK)


Gallery Krisal, Geneve (Swiss)
Gallery Masson, Zlín (CZ)


Postage stamp,
published to 10.anniversary of establishment of Lactation League

Lector of KontAktFoto, Frantiskovy Lazne (CR) - 2008

Fashion-portfolio for french BC magazine of design and art - 2008

Portraits of Prague Chamber Philharmony - 2006, 2007

Photograph made for ABSOLUT Vodka "Absolut Sarah" - 2003 - Included in Artcollection of Absolut Company

"A photographie is like a miracle - it allowes us to control and to stop the time, and also it shows us something you can't emphasize: The Movement, the Emotion, the Pain as the Beauty. It creates our memories - of everything we love."

"As a mommy of 4 kids, who takes in her hands a camera, instead of cooking spoon and iron. And I do not something else, as to absorb all negatifs, all what's important to myself and what's fading reliable: The LOVE, the Pleasure, the Sadness as a Longing" smell the children, the Loneliness and the Expactation. All this are stories which turn stil in my mind - stories which were written by people - and which I can read as a book. We all, everybody of us, has a secret, and only the photographie can save it, without to reveal everything!"

Sara Saudkova

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