Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Aneta Bartos - American Photographer

Aneta Bartos work is truly amazing!!! Although I am usually not all that interested in fashion photography I must say that I like Aneta Bartos's work, which is refreshingly different as she captures the models in a unique way giving to us a final great result. Her photos are amazing!

She uses relatively long exposure and always underexpose but through this way she is giving us photos that are romantic, tender, sensual, erotic , elegant and at the same time very dark…not an easy combination to capture. She has REALLY a very distinct style. Some of her photos look like paintings

Here you will find some Aneta Bartos’ work. Unbelievably beautiful, very quiet imagery offering to us a usual mysterious, haunting beauty but at the same time tender, accessible and alive.
These pictures are statement that nude can be really elegant and this is something
I love very much.

Please visit her personal webpage at;

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