Thursday, 30 July 2009


Yan McLine
is a photographer from Moscow Russia, started to take photographs as a child. His first camera was a Russian Smena 7 and he was doing the processing ,too, at home in his own darkroom. After that there was a long break, until years later he took up street photography again. For the last two years he was taken an increased interest is nude photography.

Here you can enjoy some samples of his work on nude and erotic photography.

You can find his work in the following sites:

Friday, 3 July 2009


All the beauty in dynamic photos is here.
This is the artwork

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Here are my personal impressions about Elena Vasilieva’s work

Beautiful, dramatic, creative and highly imaginative work, very artistic, inventive and smart.

I mostly love that her photographs are simple and simply about beauty.

Her portofolio and erotic nudes are wonderful.

Bravo Elena

for your sophisticated touch

of all of your subjects.

Elena Vasilieva is one of the most interesting newcomers of the Post-Soviet art scene. She was born on November 2, 1975 in the city of Karkov, Ukraine.

Her nude photos tell about longing, anxiousness, mourning, loneliness, pain and torment. After her study at the Kharkovski College of Design, Elena discovered the world of photography. She did not have a chance to work in the field of design as she completely dedicated herself to art of photography which has become her life's trade.

In June, 2005, a book of her photographs was published in Germany called "Behind My Eyes." Her photos have been printed in the following magazines: Stern, Max, Black & White Photo, German "Vogue", Russian and Ukrainian magazines. Her photos are on several sites

She is now preparing for a new book of her work which will be published in New York in November.

Photography enables me to show my mood and style to the world. In my work I try to show the mood and the emotion of woman's sexuality. Everything I show in my photos I experience together with my models. To discover new subjects and show them in my work is one of my great interests. I understand that not everyone can fathom the tension and feelings that I try to show through my photos and, thus, I do not care for the opinions of the critics who can misinterpret my work. Most of the time I choose dark tones for my photos - they are much closer to me than colorful sets.

From an interview of Elena Vasilieva

Her work is found at;