Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Poluyanenko Alexey

When I met for first time the art photography of Alexey it was in a blog with poems. I was really impressed and I make an effort to find some more about his work and bio through Google searching.

I have not discovered his bio but I discovered something more important HIS ART.

There is no need for Alexey to speak when his photographs talk about him.

Nice figures, nice poses, fresh ideas, BEAUTY AND ART, these are words that describe his photographic work.

Alexey has a vast portfolio. I found his work in too many web pages and competitions and I found myself in front of a big dilemma what to present to you. I do not know if I have made the best choice but I am sure that you will enjoy his presentation here.

You can find Alexey Poluyanenko work at;


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